Current work environment:

Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne:

Department of Comparative Development and Genetics, dir. Miltos Tsiantis:


MorphoGraphX is a 3D reconstruction software developed in the Smith lab. Its primary purpose is to extract the cell shape from confocal stacks, for example to monitor growth, but you can also use plugins for a variety of applications:


The website of my Master specialization “Interface Physique-Biologie”(in french):¬†


George Bassel’s lab focuses on the molecular and mechanical aspects of post-embryonic growth in Arabidospis:

Zerihun Tadele’s group works on improving Tef, an ethopian crop, to provide mechanically-resistant and drought-tolerant for farmers:

Adrienne Roeder’s group:

Olivier Hamant’s group: